Healthcare Grit

Who has the grit to really change healthcare?
Healthcare Grit finds the real leaders who are changing healthcare because they have to.

Life with chronic conditions is not only difficult, but ultimately destabilizing. No one understands this as much as Kasey Boehmer.

She dedicated research to patients managing multiple chronic conditions, as she herself experiences. Kasey directs the Minimally Disruptive Medicine Program at Mayo, has authored or co-authored over 20 publications and developed the ICAN Discussion Aid to help support people with chronic conditions.

Join us as she shares her thoughts on what needs to be done to improve patients’ quality of life.

Tough circumstances in times of emergency call for community and collaboration.

Robbie and his team at Mount Sinai have kept this in mind and are passionate about innovating healthcare with a patient-centric mindset.

Join us as he discusses how they have turned the difficulties of the pandemic into long-lasting solutions and partnerships.

It almost feels like Dr. Chris DeRienzo has done it all. He's an experienced neontologist, an inspiring health system leader, triathlon runner, and author of the book "Tiny Medicine: One Doctor's Biggest Lessons from His Smallest Patients".  

Even with all this, Chris strives to do more in order to improve the human experience.

Join us as he dives deeper into his experiences within the NICU and his thoughts on the current effects of the pandemic.

While vulnerable populations have been most impacted by the pandemic, Cherokee Health Systems has continued to make its services available to all, no matter their ability to pay.

The safety net organization is also finding ways to adapt to new challenges in order to treat the whole patient, both mind and body.

Join us as Parinda shares how the healthcare provider offers health and hope to its community during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has caused enormous challenges for patients battling chronic illness, such as cancer.

Working at the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Janice and her team have made it their mission to provide 24/7 support and easy access for cancer patients and their families. 

Join us as she discusses how COVID has impacted cancer patients and what can be done to provide additional help during the pandemic.

With flu season on the horizon, many underserved communities are at a higher risk of infection. However, even with this added risk many people will not immunize themselves due to low access to care or distrust of the vaccine itself.

With years of experience in public health and improving access to care, Shannon and her team have been finding ways in which to prevent this.

Join us as she highlights what measures can be taken in order to provide better access to care and raise confidence in immunization.

COVID has shown us that healthcare needs fast innovation and visionary leaders now more than ever.

Named a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital for the past three years, Winona Health has earned this distinction through its focus on meeting patient needs for ease of use and accessibility. 

Join us as Rachelle shares her thoughts on the necessity for new ways of thinking, partnering with patients and delivering care to move healthcare to the next level.

Do you understand what's on your medical bill?

It was this lack of knowledge that put Pattie on a mission for patient advocacy. Prior to transitioning to Optum 360, Pattie served as director of vendor and financial counseling for Northwell Health, where she developed her passion for advising patients on how to handle and reduce their medical bills. Today she continues to uphold her values of integrity and innovation at Optum.

Join us as she shares her ideas and experiences on how to improve the patient financial experience.

Esteemed and experienced, Linda Hofler has accomplished much throughout her career—including leading 3,000 nurses at Vidant Medical Center (a 974-bed tertiary care facility, serving 29 counties in rural eastern NC), and helping the organization obtain two Magnet® designations. 

Retiring at the end of this year, Linda is focused on guiding her team through current challenges and preparing them for what lies ahead. 

Join us as she talks about what’s she’s gained over the course of her career and what advice she has for nurses entering the profession.  

Digital health and telehealth has truly erupted since the start of COVID and has been rapidly adopted by most healthcare systems. However, even though telehealth has been accepted, are hospitals truly ready for its implementation in the long term?

Ed Marx has gone through the process of the digital patient experience first hand and while he was impressed at the progress, he knows it can be improved.

Join us as he shares his unique perspective on how to effectively utilize telehealth and how to properly put it into practice for the long-term.

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